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CASIO FX-7400G plus

The ideal solution for CNC-Machine shops

The Casio 7400 or 9850 series of calculators offers a very powerful tool, which is the ability to write programs that makes formulae needed for efficient CNC Programming.

You will get an instruction course how to write programs needed to make formulae and how to store it in memory.

Those are some formulas needed for CNC Programming calculations:

-General maths formulae.
-Milling cutting condition formulae.
-Lathe cutting condition formulae.
-Trigonometry formulae.
-Sales, efficiency and savings formulas.
-Estimating and costing formulae.
-Metric conversion and other formulas.
-Macro programming variable calculation

Some programs are already loaded in calculators memory and ready for use.

It is a versatile scientific calculator.

New in box with manuals and instructions-never used.
When you purchase this calculator you will get additional step by step instructions for programming and using different machining formulas needed for calculating cutting conditions.

Casio Programmer calculator programming instructions and manual are provided in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format.

To view these documents, you'll need Acrobat Reader.

Programmer's calculator $98.00
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Ships from and sold by CNC

Other CNC Related Training Courses

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CD Course - 530 Pages ($87.)

HYDRAULIC COURSE - BASIC TO ADVANCED gives your personnel the knowledge they need to reduce your downtime, cut your operating costs, and do a better job of operating and maintaining your hydraulic systems.

It is designed for: Maintenance Personnel, Equipment Operators, Purchasing Personnel, Plant Supervisors, Pneudralics... Anyone involved with the adjustment, maintenance, specification, or operation of hydraulic systems.

You will learn about: Hydraulic systems, Pneudralic lines, Aircraft pneudralics, Hydraulic seals, Hydraulic pumps and motors, Flow control units...
Hydraulic system components will be identified, inspected and assessed using fluid power principles.

High pressure seals, Linear, rotary actuators, Directional control valves, Proportional valves, Times, Counters, sensors, pumps, Pressure control valves, Lines, Hoses.

Pressure Control- Understand the basics behind force manipulation using control valves, the two basic designs and their operating principles...


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CD Course ($47.)

This course covers the principles and practical aspects of domestic plumbing.

Students will gain the practical skills required for pipe bending and jointing, together with knowledge of basic plumbing systems layout and installation.

Cold and Hot water systems, all domestic aspects of plumbing, heating, sanitation, electrical systems and lead work, along with all the generic modules of health and safety, working relationships and energy efficiency, for the home and the work place.

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CD Course OR HARDCOVER ($17.)

The Centreless grinder presents several principles which are entirely different from center-type grinding, and which may not be so readily understood.

This guide is intended to explain these principles, and to supply a basic working knowledge of the centreless method of grinding to those interested in the subject.

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