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Why Become Certified CNC Programmer?

- The CNC Programer Certificate is the final step to the highest paid job in the metalworking shop.
- A recognized CNC Academy Certification will give you preference to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market.
- Recognizes commitment and dedication to your profession,
- Acknowledges national industry standard of skill competence,
- Accepted criteria for promotion or career advancement,
- Provides you with appropriate credentials to teach and lead others,

Certification Test Procedure:

Become a Certified CNC Programmer Today!
Click on one of the Register Now buttons below to begin your Certification Test process...

CNC Academy Certification Examination Test consists of 50 questions from CNC Programming area of knowledge, including general questions about Tooling, Speed, Feed, Control Panel, Commands, Offsets, CNC Program sequences...

Applicants will finish a quick payment procedure by selecting either Test and clicking on the respective 'Register Now' button. (Please save your PayPal Payment Reference number, you will need it when log on Test)
Then fill out application details and be allocated 75 minutes to complete the Test.
The time starts when the payment procedure is completed.

When you complete your test, press the 'Submit' button. will let you know your test results within 24 Hrs.

If your score is 90% or better on the Test we will send you your official CNC Academy Programer Certificate. If you do not pass the Test, you may retry it or have your Certification Fee refunded.

There are two Certification Tests to be chosen from:

1. Certification Test For Turning Centre CNC Programming Setup and Operation,

2. Certification Test For Machining Centre CNC Programming Setup and Operation,