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Part Program Selection on a Fanuc Power Mate with a Selector Switch
Author: ControlOn

Fanuc Power Mate (Models D, F) has an option called “Workpiece Number Search”. Using this option, the PMC can initiate the execution of a specified part program. This is especially useful in cases where the Power Mate is used to control special purpose machines that produce a known set of components. Such applications are found in batch production factories.

How it Works:
To synchronize the PMC and CNC functions, there is a communication area in the Fanuc Power Mate where the PMC & CNC exchange signals. These are a set of bytes and there are two areas namely:

a) The “G” area - signals from the PMC to the CNC

b) The “F” area - signals from the CNC to the PMC

By selectively loading G009 with a value in the range 1-255, the CNC will execute a program between O001 to O255.

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