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CNC-ACADEMY.COM TIPS: CNC Programming Spindle control (S-Function)

The spindle speed can be easily specified and the spindle
can be turned on in a forward or reverse direction. It can
also, of course, be turned off.

An "S" word is used to specify the spindle speed (in RPM
for machining centres). An M03 is used to turn the spindle
on in a clockwise (CW, forward) manner. M04 turns the
spindle on in a counter clockwise (CCW) manner.

M05 turns the spindle off. Note that turning centres also
have a feature called constant surface speed which allows
spindle speed to also be specified in surface feet per
minute (or meters per minute).

It calculates spindle speed so the surface speed is kept as
specified with a tool position change. It then supplies a
voltage, corresponding to the calculated spindle speed, to
the spindle control to rotate the spindle at the correct
surface speed when the surface speed is specified after S.

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